Thanks for your reader survey comments

A week ago we opened our 2020 reader survey to see what you think and what you want from us in the year to come.

Thanks to those who responded, we really appreciate your feedback.

We are in the process of wading through the many responses we received and will be implementing some refinements based on your comments over coming months. Here is a snapshot of some of your replies.

Most of the people who completed the survey had been reading radioinfo for more than 3 years and so had some detailed thoughts and responses.

Some compliments we received included:

RadioInfo, the name says it all – who’s in who’s out, who’s on, who’s off, what’s new, how does it work, which station uses this, how much does she get paid, not another format, all this and lots more is RadioInfo (Rumboi)

Keeping up to date with the radio industry. RadioInfo is unparalleled. (Chris)

Broad range of topics properly covered. (Nigel)

I got my first and second jobs in radio from this website. I love it. (Jenny)

Radio info is a great site. Run by radio people, for radio people. (Jason)

RadioInfo is the first port of call daily. To find out what is relevant to pass onto different department staff to keep them informed. (George)

Radioinfo keeps me up to date with an industry that has been my life having worked many years in Oz and NZ (Murray)

Thanks, we’re blushing!

The top 10 job categories of our readers are:

  • Announcer
  • Creative
  • Management
  • Production
  • Programming
  • Audio Engineer
  • News
  • Student/Job Seeker
  • Advertising Agency
  • Outside of radio industry (Regulators, Suppliers, Trainers).

In our ‘how satisfied are you’ section, 79% gave us a score above 7 out of ten. 50% gave us a 9 or 10 out of ten. There were no unsatisfied readers, while a small number were ‘somewhat dissatisfied’ about specific issues. We have noted these and will be working on some of your comments to improve our site during the year.

There are quite a few comments about making the website look more modern and asking us to rearrange some of the front page format. We will explore options and may call on some of you for beta test feedback before we make any long term changes. There was also a very valid comment that, because there are so many stations with the same name nowadays around Australia, we should always say which Sea/Hot/TripleM/Gold/etc station we are talking about. We will do that.

The two most requested new topic sections were Podcasts and Training. Podcasting – Done (see the new topic in the top menu above) Training – in progress.

Some people want our comment posts section to be automatically published and/or anonymous. Sorry, we get it, but we decided long ago that our site would try to be as professional as possible and not automatically publish all comments or allow people to be anonymous.

You can use a pseudonym or make your screen name read ‘anonymous,’ but we still require a simple sign-in process so that we can contact people if necessary to verify what they write. We know that this means we get fewer comments that social media groups or other sites, but it is a policy issue for us, we don’t want to risk people’s reputations being damaged, encourage insults or snarky comments or trolling. Sorry about that, we know it limits your responses, but we think that is the best thing for us.

On that issue, several people did say they wanted to use the comments section to give us anonymous tips. We do welcome that, but please just send them to us as direct messages on our social media accounts or to our editor email [email protected] We promise we will respect your anonymity, we don’t reveal confidential sources.

While still on the topic of comments, Anthony the Koala came in for special mentions by several respondents. We’re glad to have Anthony as a regular reader and commenter and enjoy his detailed contributions to many topics.

There was a suggestion about not auto-refreshing pages while people are writing comments because it deletes part written content. Good point, our IT guy is on to it. We will double the refresh time, but we can’t take it off altogether because some stories need to be refreshed to force them to update when breaking news, such as surveys, is happening.

Many of you gave us specific feedback about what topics you want covered during the year and some interesting angles on how you want them covered. We will be working on integrating those topics into our coverage this year.

Some of you wanted us to do a podcast about radio industry news… watch this space!

Most of you gave us good feedback about the responsive site we introduced for phones a couple of years ago, but some of you were still annoyed by some things, such as badly scaled pictures on the responsive site. This is a tricky one, because we have to scale for both desktop and phone screen sizes. We will try to do better, but it may take some work. If anyone has specific technical suggestions to improve this on a Drupal site, please feel free to email us at [email protected] with advice.

In fact if you have any more feedback at all, just email us and tell us, or fill in the form below, the survey is still open.

And if there are people in your office who don’t know about radioinfo, please tell them about us.

Thanks! We look forward to reading all your replies.



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