The Challenge of Change… a fresh perspective from Dave Charles

Dave Charles is now a regular columnist with radioinfo. Dave has decades of experience in radio to share. For those who don’t know Dave, we asked him to write a little about himself and his company Media RESULTS Inc.


I’ve always been passionate about how we communicate. What interests us in the new global community and how content is created, digested and monetized.

My passion began with Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Motown and the hits of the 60’s and quickly evolved into a love affair with radio from the 60’s through now. Yes, I’ve been around for a while.

I’ve made radio stations sound better, reach new heights in audience and lots more revenue. I’ve mentored and developed on-air talent, assisted programmers to engage today’s listeners and a new generation of social media users.

I’ve crafted promotional ideas that give clients a bigger role in the communities they serve.  Ideas that make you feel good such as ‘pay it forward’ and make someone’s life a bit better through ‘Random acts of kindness’ or ‘Pay my bills’ to name a few. These promotions offered a primal experience for those directly involved and those listening who shared the joys of winning!

Traditional media has always been forced to face its evolution. I hear it all the time. Everyone lives on their smart phones and digital devices. We all self-curate our media preferences. Much of this has caused decline in TSL ‘time spent listening’ for radio. 

Today’s consumer has discovered new ways of communicating quicker. Social Media is illustrating how deep our reach can be and how we are sharing our diverse opinions from moment-to-moment. Podcasts, Blogs, streaming services have all but set our world up for the next century. However, one constant remains: Content is king and nothing drives revenue better than amazing content. 

You need global experience, two sharp ears and a lot of empathy for the people behind this transformative communication shift. 

My job is to help radio people understand change and how to harness its power in this new wild west media. To merge content with technology and revenue for a tour de force in 21st century media business that’s in sync with todays’ media consumers. Podcasts are PURE.  Radio tends to be messy.

I’ve been doing what I love spanning more than 42 countries around the world. I’ve done this work across Canada, China, South Africa, USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and the UK. 

Earth is a big place and good communication platforms make it seem and feel we are all living around the corner from each other. 

You may even know me as one of the creative souls who helped to develop and deliver the JUNO’s star system in the 80’s and 90’s to the music world helping ground breaking Canadian artist like Bryan Adams, RUSH, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Drake and Shania Twain find a global audience and driving the Canadian music industry to world prominence. 

But one thing to know, it takes many great people to make these dreams come true. 

My offer to you. We make todays radio relevant to the times we live in. We make the todays listener… listen longer.  Better content, more time spent listening means more revenue for your station.

There always a better way….and we will find it.

Dave Charles,


Media RESULTS Inc.

Mobile: 289 242 8313.

Email: [email protected]