The Christian O’Connell show brings the trash talk to Melbourne radio battle

Where you bin Christian?

Seriously, I’ve been waiting to see when or if Gold104.3‘s Christian O’Connell and his highly creative show promotion ideas would respond to the launch of Kyle and Jackie O on Gold’s sister station KIIS 101.1. I am not disappointed, despite the concept being utter rubbish.

O’Connell said that even the station’s trusty printer has been taken away so pool funds for K&J:

 “We’ve been told there’s no more marketing money for this show this year. It’s all going towards Kyle and Jackie O. That’s fine. I’m thinking what are we actually going to do? Yesterday was my bin night and as I’m taking my big old bin out, I’m thinking this is the only thing that I can ask you for right now. This is what we’ve come down to, a kind of very smelly, dirty rebel alliance army.”


You can listen to the on air appeal for ‘bin-fluencers’ above. Listeners of the show can now register online here for their bins to be cleaned by The Bin Butlers and then plastered with a sticker promoting the GOLD104.3’s The Christian O’Connell Show.

Surely that will help Melburnians feel less down in the dumps!


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