The Glitch: Dan Saunders tells the story of how he stole $1.6 million

“If you stayed ahead of that reversal by doing another transfer, you could trick the system into thinking you had millions. I later went to the bank, who told me my balance was $1 million.”

The story of how Dan Saunders used a glitch in the ATM system to manipulate his bank balance to millions is explored in a new podcast produced by Podshape.

Saunders is no criminal mastermind, he’s a normal Aussie bloke who used to work at Nando’s. He happened to come across a Glitch on his NAB ATM card. Over the space of 4 months, he was able to withdraw $1.6 million dollars and blew it on designer clothes, girls, private jets and giving money away, like a modern-day Robin Hood.

In the 8-part podcast series, Dan sits down the tell the complete story on why he did it, how it felt and what happened after his rockstar life landed him in jail.

The Glitch takes you through not just the salacious detail of what Dan spent the money on, but some of the learnings that he found while living this lifestyle, that although it was fun, having money isn’t all that’s its cracked up to be.

Dan said of this podcast: “I’ve been trying to tell this story properly for almost 10 years and somehow someone always puts ‘their spin’ on things. I’ve found the team at Podshape to be the only ones who have ever portrayed events in a completely accurate manner.”

Dan’s story has international appeal and is currently being scouted for a movie deal in LA with some large studios.

Podshape co-founder Jay Walkerden said: “Dan’s story is so unique, he’s a normal bloke who broke the law and had some fun but learned some big life lessons along the way. We are all about telling stories that can help shape the world and we felt this was the perfect story to align with our purpose.”

Podshape recently had the #1 smash ‘Who Killed Bob’ and released a podcast on ‘The Sydney Siege’ in November 2021 with survivor Louisa Hope.


The first episode with Podshape is out now across all platforms. Apple, Spotify




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