Tony Martin back on drive… with Merrick

Tony Martin returned to radio yesterday for a one off appearance, going on air at Triple M with Merrick Watts on Merrick & Australia.

Merrick asked Martin, does it feel weird to be back on air in the drive slot?

“It’s been eight years, but I notice the music is still the same,” he joked.

Martin remembers one thing about his last day on air when he presented Martin Molloy with Mick Molloy… a team of content directors struggling to put up a new poster over his picture on a wall, as he went down in the elevator for the last time at what was then Austereo.

Tony Martin is currently doing a live stand up comedy show at the Sydney Comedy Festival, about “disasters I have been in.”

Discussing the affairs of the day, of course the federal budget came up. “It’s a gold mine for comedy… were you aware that herpes ridden carp are a problem in our waterways, $15 million dollars has been allocated to get rid of them… forget sharks, it’s the carp we’ve got to get rid of, or we need to get them to wear condoms…”

The price of smokes and other budget topics were also on the agenda. So was pitching comedy to the ABC.


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