Tony Martin is a radio game changer

Talent Coach Craig Bruce talks to top talent, Tony Martin

Reviewing his body of work, it is as impressive as anyone on FM radio.

Tony joined the D-Gen – a truly revolutionary FM breakfast show –  in 1987,  and continued with them until 1992. 

In 1995 he and Mick Molloy re-imagined the way we would listen to drive radio. They created Martin/Molloy, which became Australia’s first national drive show and dominated the FM landscape for three years. 

In 2006 he created one of the most talked about radio shows ever, ‘Get This’, with Ed Kavalee and Richard Marsland. The show’s fan base is as rabid today as it was a decade ago. 

Tony’s success is a combination of incredible writing skills, along with the ability to perform his own words, a prodigious work ethic and an obsession with the infinite possibilities of audio. His career is a benchmark in our industry and an inspiration for anyone wanting to make comedy on the radio.

‘You just don’t want to waste people’s time… We had this philosophy we wanted to be a show, not a shift… Every bit of it has to be good and surprising’.

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