Top 5 most read news stories on radioinfo in 2014

It’s the final countdown, and you won’t expect what’s our number one most-read report.

All week, radioinfo has been counting down its fifty most read stories of 2014. Here are the top five.

If you missed the previous countdowns, click 6-10, 11-2021-3031-40 or 41-50.






Why was Emma our most read story?

We’re not exactly sure, but here’s what we think: We had the scoop that she would leave the ABC’s Classic FM network before anyone else did; Emma has been a controversial personality, much loved and also much criticised for her voice and on air style (see the comments at the bottom of the report); Many people googled her name to find out more about why she left and where she went – google directed them to our site for the most comprehensive answers to their questions.

And who is Emma’s successor? Read the answer to that here on radioinfo too.

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