Transmission problems at Triple J this morning

Triple J has experienced technical problems with transmitters around some parts of the country this morning.

The station was hit with technical difficulties for over an hour, with problems beginning at about 8am AEDT. Some were off air altogether, while others experienced drop outs every 15 seconds or so.

Some transmitters aired the following message: “We’ve had a temporary break from our usual programs but will be back soon.”

The outages happened during The Preatures’ Like A Version performance, and when Breakfast presenters Ben and Liam made it back on air, they apologised and admitted to having a ‘slightly stressful morning’.

Difficulties continued past 10am in Adelaide, with outages reported across desktop streaming services as well as radio.There has been torrential rain in Sydney, which may have caused the ‘rain fades’ but radioinfo has had no official information regarding the reason for the outages at this time.

Strangely, the online feed is also not on air, so the reason may not be rain related, but more a studio side technical problem.

We have asked Triple J for more information.

Meanwhile listener reaction is ranging from sympathy and anger to humour on the Triple J facebook page.

Anthony Collie
Just coming back to life a little here in Bronte.
Was a little stressed, ABC dropping is down right scarey


Rebecca Coulter
Thanks for forcing me to remember just how bad commercial radio is. #renewedappreciation #comebacksoon

Steve Paterson
triple j listening to my local radio station is like putting a toothpick under my toenail and kicking a wall.. please hurry

MsVoteYesPraxis @MsPraxis

Phew! We thought you might have been raided by the AFP for a moment there!


Thomas Carroll
This has been the best breakfast show since Ben and Liam started


Ashleigh Christian
Ok. I thought I was the only one. Talk about heart broken.


Tanisha Jenkins-Ayres
Omg bless i thought my car radio was dying

Carlin O’Driscoll
I see triple j has finally hooked up to the nbn


PD Ollie Wards has been giving listeners an insight into the troubleshooting actions that are going on within triple j to fix the problem.


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