Travelling to Vienna for #RDE18

It’s Vienna’s turn to host RadioDays Europe, the Mecca for all radio followers to attend, the most prestigious annual event showcasing how the next big-bang theories and challenges of the air waves are evolving.

I’m here as one of radioinfo’s team of reporters covering this big event.

My name is Grace Lech from Sydney. My role will be reporting on some of the sessions for radioinfo, along with Steve Ahern who is leading this year’s coverage.

I’m better known as a travel agent who blogs their sojourns. My radio program, known as Travel Gracefully can be heard on community radio station 2RRR FM for those who might like to listen to the odd interview with those who are like-minded, or just simply a chat about what constitutes life as a traveler and its ever-changing etiquette and technologies in a very fast-moving world.

My radio show has allowed me to cross over from being a listener to now being a presenter, who enjoys sharing information via radio from my many years of experience in the travel industry.

Vienna’s stylish and elegant persona is evident and being here again is a treat. Cafes, restaurants and cute boutique shops all within exquisite architectural marvels are filled with the sound of laughter, clinking glasses and the smell of a well-cooked schnitzel with all the sumptuous trimmings.

I arrived a day before the conference and snuck out towards the much lauded Albertina Museum, not just for a dose of artistic reverence, but I also know where one of the most sought-after rotisseries offering the best heart attack food can be found – especially on a very chilly, snowy evening.

As the mustard and tomato sauce oozed from my long crispy bun and enveloped the soon-to-be devoured hot cheesy sausage, a young man from the line up asked me a question. Explaining “meine Deustche ist sehr schlecht” (really bad German), he quickly reverted to English and wanted to know why I was given an actual glass for my wine when most were given plastic. I told him it was because of my Aussie accent. He seemed quite happy with the response and wanted to know why I was in Vienna.

“So what will you do at this radio daze?” he asked. I felt he was right in a way calling it ‘daze’ and didn’t correct him as he really made me laugh.

As a fledgling radio presenter, it’s certainly going to be somewhat of a ‘daze’ with so much happening over the next few days.

Podcasting, Smart Speakers, Station imaging along with newer technologies being discussed by some of the best presenters the Air Wave Gods have extracted from their worldly vaults of knowledge.

We all have to start somewhere in radio…

for me it might as well be here at RadioDays in the capital of classical music – the very beautiful and elegant city of Vienna offering everyone something new, but still remembering the importance of the old and all humble beginnings.

Follow our coverage over the next few days here on radioinfo, and also on our social media feeds Twitter and Facebook.



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