Triple J Winners Unearthed

Unpaid Debt and the DUB Crew are the NSW winners of Triple J’s ‘Unearthed’ competition.

The self composed ‘Verity’ is the winning song for Unpaid Debt, while ‘Cloud #7’ swayed the judges for DUB (Down Under Beats) Crew.

Unpaid Debt says it has many musical influences, including The Clash, Police and The Living End.

Representing the Blue Mountains, in true Aussie hip-hop style, the DUB Crew is a collaboration of six MCs and DJs from Katoomba. They’ve worked for the past few years on their beats and rhymes from their home studio, complete with old school samplers, decks and a wall of vinyl. Their talent for slick ‘live’ production has earned them high profile support gigs with Australia’s finest hip-hoppers, and a loyal fan crew.

Unearthed has been going since 1995, providing the means for young bands and musicians in regional and city areas to have their talents recorded professionally and played on Triple J.

In that time, Unearthed has gone to 43 regions around Australia, discovering 82 bands including Grinspoon, Killing Heidi and Endorphin!

Over the past month, Triple J staff have had headphones glued to their heads, going through thousands of entries (including CDs and MP3s) which have come in from across NSW alone. Queensland winners are due to be announced next month.

Unearthed is also about getting various music associations involved to discover, develop and promote new Australian talent.