Triple M dumps Hadley in Orange

..then Hadley dumps on Triple M.

Today, on his 2GB Morning show, Ray Hadley read out a statement about a police investigation concerning an employee of West Orange Motors. You can listen to the details below.

The program is networked across Triple M’s regional stations and the dealership happens to be one of Triple M’s biggest advertisers in the Orange market. It seems they were none too flattered to hear Hadley mention their brand in a negative light in their hometown.

So, soon after Hadley first brought the matter to light on air, the station promptly cut to an ad break followed by music. This turned out to be a bad move as it put Ray on the warpath, accusing Triple M of censorship and comparing the actions of management to Kim Jong Un’s North Korea.

“I don’t like being stood over by radio station management in provincial stations. If you have a problem with the advertisers, sort it out. But don’t try to censor me!” he raged.

He urged listeners to go down the dial and tune into nearby, “2BS Bathurst instead – Ronny Camplin’s station.” 

2GB was inundated with calls from the region. One 2BS listener said he rang Orange and was told that the Ray Hadley program was off air due to a technical problem.

The real problem was that while cutting the feed from 2GB may have worked in the old days, now listeners can easily work around it by listening online and through the Radio App which is what allowed the incident to rapidly escalate through Hadley’s show. 

It also meant that the after about half an hour of being lambasted, Triple M quickly restored transmission.


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