Triple M listener spots wallaby on Sydney Harbour Bridge

The marsupial hopping along the Bridge surprised motorists this morning. 

A caller to Triple M witnessed the wallaby jumping about the lanes on the northern side of the bridge just before 5am. 

“Mate just driving southbound over the Harbour Bridge there’s a little joey, a kangaroo jumping all over the Harbour Bridge mate, opposite Milsons Point station there,” the Triple M listener Bruce told The Night Shift with Luke Bona.

“Nah, I’m serious, yeah I rang the police just before I rang Triple M just to make sure because you’d hate to see a kangaroo run over on the Harbour Bridge – it just makes sense – it’s a ripper!”

The ABC reports police were later able to pin down the out-of-place animal.

“Officers took the startled macropod into police custody near the Conservatorium of Music, with the Police Mounted Unit arriving on scene soon after to take it to the zoo for veterinary assessment,” police said.

The male adult swamp wallaby was taken to The Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Sydney where it was assessed by senior veterinarian Larry Vogelnest.

“It was quite distressed … so I elected at that point to anaesthetise it … to give it an injection so it was asleep because it was very stressed,” he said.

“Then I examined it thoroughly. Fortunately there didn’t seem to be any significant injuries.”

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