Triple M upside down in Adelaide

Adelaide Triple M was not kidding when they said they were turning triple M upside down.

Signage around the station has all been inverted as part of the publicity campaign around the launch of the new format.

“It looks fine if you’re standing on your head!” says Triple M’s Marketing and Publicity man Sean Craig Murphy.

Murphy told radioinfo: “I don’t think any of
us could’ve expected the outrageously passionate reactions we’ve
received on the phones, in the streets or on the Triple M website… Nothing about the old Triple M remains. It’s a totally different play
list, on-air line up and attitude/philosophy, so you can imagine how
polarising it’s been for those listeners used to the old Triple M and
those who’ve instantly fell in love with the new Triple M.

Everybody in
Adelaide has an opinion, not just about the sound of the station but how
we’ve turned everything else to do with Triple M upside down too.”