Triple M wrestle with a new podcast, Top Rope

Triple M has launched right off the top rope with their new wrestling podcast, and they didn’t have to look far to find its hosts.
Top Rope sees Andrew Rose and Kris Gale (of Triple M Sydney’s Weekend Legends) and David Nash (Triple M Brisbane’s afternoons announcer) team up to create a podcast for the wrestling fanatics, the casual fans and those who fell out of love with wrestling and need a reason to reconnect.
Covering everything from the events of the past week to the greatest moments in history, Top Rope will also highlight what’s happening in our own backyard and what better time to start than that of WrestleMania 35 as the first episode previews a weekend that is sure to be chock full of iconic moments, including the first-ever women’s main event.
Roving reporter Seb Costello (Triple M Melbourne newsreader) will also be in New Jersey, interviewing some of WWE’s biggest names for a special follow-up podcast.
It truly is a passion project for all involved, with the three panellists bringing not only their love for wrestling to the table, but their connections to the local Australian wrestling scene too as Andrew and Kris commentate for Pro Wrestling Australia, a wrestling company based in Sydney, while David is the ring announcer for Australian Wrestling Alliance in Brisbane and used to work for Melbourne City Wrestling many years ago.




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