Triple M’s Fitzy posts on FB in a search for talent

It appears Triple M has some plans for their overnight programming, creating a new show on the network.

Content Director Mike “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick has posted a “call to action” on a closed radio industry Facebook group in a search for talent.

“This seems like a place where the best (and sometimes angriest) radio people congregate,” says Fitzy.

“I figure the best place to look for great radio talent currently not on radio, is a group like this.”

radioinfo contacted Fitzy to find out more including why he posted on social media in a search for talent.

“Reach. It’s a place where radio people congregate. Many in jobs now, many ex radio.

“People who seem disillusioned with radio and lack of opportunities.”

And what exactly does he mean by “different”?

“If I knew that I would have written it!

“Something not on air now. Who’s the next great talk host? Who’s the next Art Bell? Who’s the next Clive Robertson? (Clive would say Clive but he’s stopped returning my texts).”

And Fitzy is genuine about hearing from people who worked for the network in the past.
“Often it’s a pastime to hate on the company if you’ve left for ‘whatever’ reasons in the past. The Evil Empire and all that. I’m wanting people who may have worked for us in the past to feel they can come home.”

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