Triple M’s #JaneForToday campaign heats up

As Triple M’s shameless campaign continues to replace the presenters of the Today Show with its own personalities, Deb Knight has responded to the taunts of Mick Molloy in an on air interview.

The Today show co-host  called up the Kennedy Molloy show yesterday after Mick continued egging Jane on to be a part of the Today Show line up in an online campaign #JaneForToday.

Mick also thinks he could be the ‘wacky weatherman’ for the show.

Jane Kennedy stepped in to defend the regular hosts Georgie and Deb, saying they are doing an amazing job.

That’s when Deb called in to the show. “What sort of trouble are you making now Mick…”

She told Mick he should do the weather to see how hard Steve Jacobs actually works. In response Mick played the audio of Steve being attacked by a bird and screaming.

Deb joked that Mick will be their special guest on the show tomorrow. Mick then turned on Deb and went back to his roasting of the TODAY show and its ratings (all tongue in cheek of course).

Listen to how it all unfolded.


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