Hadley gets a free advertising billboard from Fitzy and Wippa

Nova has been swapping things around for the past two weeks on the show after the whole Marie Kondo sensation.

All the team brought in things that didn’t bring them joy, and swapped them for something else.

Fitzy brought in Season 3 of Baywatch on DVD signed by Pamela Anderson, then others swapped a range of goodies, including a Keg of 4 Pines, a Ticket to the Shawn Mendez show, Tradie for a day, a Caroma toilet suite and a Business class flights to Hamilton Island.

The finall swap was a billboard for 24 hours in Ryde over 6 lanes of traffic (pictured).

The pair threw it out to listeners as to what to do with it and one regular listener to the show, who knows how they regularly pay out Ray Hadley, suggested that Rady be on the billboard endorsing Fitzy and Wippa.

So they went with  ‘Feel the Power of Fitzy & Wippa’.

The billboard went live from midnight at the Edding Rd overpass in Ryde and in  the morning, on their show Fitzy & Wippa visited Hadley’s 2GB office to get his reaction.

“Does Lachlan Murdoch know you’re spending his money this way?” asked Ray when confronted by the breakfast duo.

“We’ve been getting calls about that billboard all morning on Alan’s show,” Ray’s producer told them.

In the end Hadley seemed happy about the prank: “It’s the only advertising I’ve got in years… You used an old picture of me, I look younger… Couldn’t you leave it up a bit longer,” he said.

In a moment of payback, when Hadley was told he was going live to air, he let out a few swear words just to spice up Nova’s breakfast show.

Listen below and watch the video on Nova’s facebook page.


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