UK RadioPlayer launched

The UK radio industry’s collaborative online innovation, Radioplayer was demonstrated at the RadioDays conference in Copenhagen this week.


Nick Piggott from one of RadioPlayer’s partner groups, Global Radio, showed the player and took questions, making the point that many radio competitors have come together to achieve the goal of presenting the UK’s radio stations in one online player.


Speaking at the recent Australian Broadcasting Summit, Clive Dickens explained that the player is meant to allow listeners to do online what they can do on any radio, change the dial and listen to another station. It saves listeners opening different websites and players to listen to various stations.


Radioplayer features all the BBC national and local stations, as well as nearly every commercial station in the UK, on one simple website. The innovation has been greeted positively by the UK media industry.


“Radioplayer’s strength is a simple, powerful offer to listeners: all of radio in one place… partnership is another signal the radio industry is accelerating cross-industry innovation,” said Director of BBC audio and music Tim Davie