Unravel True Crime podcast exposes Californian con woman

triple j’s Ollie Wards hosts Snowball in season 4 of ABC’s Unravel True Crime podcast that investigates a globetrotting love fraud involving Ollie’s brother Greg and the fast-talking, charismatic Californian, Lezlie Manukian.

In 2006, Greg was backpacking in London when he fell head-over-heels in love with Lezlie, and they set up a new life in New Zealand, but only months after their showy wedding, things turned sour.
Lezlie vanished from Greg’s life leaving his family in financial ruin, having lost their business, family home and life savings.

Now, Ollie Wards is on a mission to get to the bottom of the con that cost his family everything.

From London to Auckland, Sydney to California the investigation is a rollercoaster of baffling twists and turns as the world of Lezlie Manukian is revealed to be full of wild dreams, a lavish lifestyle, big loves and broken promises in exotic locations that is a hall of mirrors made with fake documents and fantasy personas.



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