Upload Sound and Music samples for schools

The UK’s Sound and Music project is inviting musicians, field recordists and sonic artists from around the world to be part of a new creative learning project. Minute of Listening encourages children and teachers to engage in 60 seconds of focused listening each day. Delivered to the classroom through a custom-built piece of software, the project aims to encourage imaginative class discussion and a passion for exploring aural experiences from a young age.


Sound & Music is looking for minute-long clips of all kinds of music and sound that can be used in an extended project pilot from January to March 2012. If your recording is chosen it will be heard by over 10,000 children in classrooms around the UK.


“We’re looking for minutes of audio that are engaging, unusual, challenging, exciting or just plain beautiful! From performance poetry to string quartets, from sounds of the rainforest to electronic music, we want children to be wowed, shocked, delighted and moved by sounds they would never normally have the chance to explore in a school environment.”

If you’d like your recording to be a part of this project you need to upload your sound to the Minute of Listening Soundcloud group no later than Friday 30th September.


Don’t forget to include a short description explaining what the recording is and your email address so that we can contact you! Following the deadline we will be selecting from the submissions and contacting contributors whose sounds we would like to use.



To find out more about the Minute of Listening project, go to the dedicated web page at th elink below, or email [email protected]