Use collective passion to make the ABC the best it can be: Michelle Guthrie

ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie today emailed staff with a set of Principles for how national broadcaster will conduct itself.

After consulting widely, Guthrie has a plan to “improve the way we do things at the ABC.” She wrote:

“The noise in the external environment shouldn’t prevent us from pursuing this important work. Now more than ever we need to use our collective passion to make the ABC the best it can be – for you and for our audiences.

“To help us create the kind of culture we aspire to have, we need some guiding principles. To that end, I’m excited to launch the ABC Principles to everyone. We’ve been road-testing them as “Leadership Principles” with a number of leaders over several months, and we’re now ready to introduce them to everyone. 

“The ABC Principles set clear expectations about how we want everyone to work together; across teams, as leaders, and as individuals.

“We plan to build them into everything we do. From the way we recruit to how we manage, recognise, and reward each other.”

The principles are divided into 5 areas:


Workshops will be undertaken to help managers and staff understand and adopt the new principles (click to enlarge).

The “noise” Guthrie is talking about includes the competitive neutrality review, recent budget cuts and a range of criticisms from components. 

ABC Media Watch explored the future of the ABC and ithe views of its critics in a program this week (click to view)

This week, a Roy Morgan poll showed that Australian’s national broadcaster is the most trusted media organisation in the country.


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