Using AI for radio sales: RDE24

“Why should you use AI for sales?” asked Herrman Del Campo of, in a Radiodays session titled AI-Powered Sales Strategies for Radio Stations and Audio Companies.

He listed the following reasons:

  • It can be automated
  • Personalised
  • Done by everyone
  • Work 24/7

Del Campo displayed a sales flow chart and then suggested  AI programs that can enhance the work flow. For example, begin by looking up leads using Leadinfo or Echobot, then get some information about the lead using ChatGPT, Adthos, Radio Admaker and others.

His sales work flow reflects all the processes in detail.

Once you have decided on the process, you need to use the right commands to refine the AI output. Example listed below (click to expand slides).

“Anyone can do this,” he told the audience.

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