V-Dub system launched

Brisbane based producer Brett Johnson has entered the electronic dubbing delivery market up against existing players DART and Southern Cross Digital Courier. His system uses the internet, which makes it different from the other operators.

Starting as a studio dubbing-boy, then working in commercial/comedy production at B105 FM, Production Manager at Sea FM and as studio owner/operator at AudioOne in Brisbane, Johnson “saw the limitations of how finished radio commercial dubs were transported around the country.”

Johnson says his company, RadioDub, is “set to revolutionise the way the advertising industry moves its message around the world. Our goal was to remove all of the problems in getting the dub to the radio station… With Radio Dub, it’s now easy to send dub’s… and you can do this from any computer with an internet connection… you don’t even need an audio engineer.”

A RadioDub receiver, called a “VDub” (Virtual Dubbing System) is placed in a radio station free of charge to receive dubs sent via the system. RadioDub receivers are now installed in all commercial radio stations throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast and are expanding Australia wide. Email [email protected] for more information.