Vagina Chips…. Yes I’m Serious

Content from BPR.

A recent research study found that millennials are not having enough sex. So early in September, the marketing gurus at the Lithuanian snack brand, CHAZZ, used that insight to create a new range of chips. Vagina-flavoured chips to be precise.

I’m serious.

There are two ways to look at this.

One: CHAZZ, a small Lithuanian company has suddenly made headlines around the world. Hey, we are talking about it here!

Two: what is CHAZZ going to do with this new found attention?

If the purpose was to get more people to buy their other products then that MAY work. I say MAY because if the CHAZZ product range is sub-standard then all this extra publicity will do is get consumers to pay for something that they may later regret. Successful brands need more than a quick laugh to last.

Think of joke products and outrageous stunts as being similar to clickbait. People can’t help but click to find out more– you saw “vagina chips” in the title of this article and you had to click…didn’t you? 😀

But if the article or product doesn’t live up to the hype that the title implies, then you’re more likely to turn people off than leave them wanting more.

It’s no different to a low rating radio station pulling of a massive stunt that captures market headlines and TV coverage. People start to tune in out of curiosity to hear what all the fuss is about. But what they hear is the same old stuff that’s the root cause of the low ratings……. a boring Morning Show, a strategically wrong music position, poorly scheduled music, poorly selected music, etc.

Next time you’re planning that massive publicity seeking stunt or the biggest contest giveaway in your market’s history, ask yourself “is my station sounding the best it can possibly can?”, “is the Morning Show sounding great?”, “is the music 100% on target, both the selection of songs and their placement?”.

What does your research say……is your station catering to what the listener wants to hear…..or is it catering to what you think they want to hear?

Something to think about before your Street Team heads out for a suburban blitz giving away icy cold cans of Coke and ABC FM’s Vagina Chips!

By David Kidd, BPR