Vale 4BC’s John Miller: a likeable affable Aussie bloke

Former 4BC presenter John Miller passed away last night in the Royal Brisbane Hospital after injuries suffered from a severe fall two weeks ago.

John Miller had been part of 4BC for more than a decade, hosting the drive and breakfast shifts. He began his on air career in Toowoomba

The 59 year old broadcaster left 4BC in 2007 and had been involved in consultancy and private production since.

4BC General Manager David McDonald has told radioinfo:

John was a real character with a wicked sense of humour. I just loved John’s laugh but most of all he was a great journalist, he had a sharp mind with an impressive memory recall for names and events. John was way too young to pass and still had much to offer. Unfortunately we do not have too may characters like John left now.

He was at it his best in the political arena where he gave as good as he got but he always did it with respect.I worked with John at 4BC from 2002 to 2009 where he covered mostly the Breakfast and Drive shifts.

He was a real likeable, affable Aussie bloke. I had only just caught up with him earlier this year and he was talking about his genuine passion and love of the wireless as he called it. He was a great contributor to 4BC as it established itself as a commercial News/Talk station in Brisbane.

He also made major contributions to many charities and our community in general.

John’s efforts will not be forgotten.
4BC has put up a tribute page to John Miller at this link. It contains audio of his work and comments from listeners.

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