Vale David ‘Jags’ Jagodzinski

Pete Graham, a former collegue of the late David Jagodzinski has written a tribute to his friend Jags, who passed away this week.

Today our radio family laid to rest a bloke we knew as Jags.

The former bean counter at WS, The Corpus Christi Church at Cranebrook was overflowing. When I received the call that David had passed away, I was in total shock. The call came thru at 4pm yesterday.

The Facebook reaction and the tributes are a testament of the love people had for David. In my numb state of mind I posted the message straight away. Sorry if it sounded confusing.

David was part of a magic time in radio, where people worked as a team, had fun, looked after their mates and knew the names of all the fellow worker’s  children, wives and husbands.

In just 24 hours condolence messages came from every level of the WS staff who worked alongside David during his time there. From the then general manager to the cleaner and no wonder. David was part of a team, a team where everyone was respected, encouraged and was always made welcome.

That’s why so many are sadder today, it’s because we have lost a member of our radio family. But David’s circle stretched far and wide with the congregation made up of fellow parishioners where David used his accounting skills to help out the School.

There were people from the Taxation department where David worked after his time at WS. I spotted local members of Council, sporting organisations and 100’s more from all works of life.

Someone once said “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”  That’s exactly what David Henry Jagodzinski has done in his short 53 years on earth.

R.I.P. Jags.

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