Vale Murray Peters

South Coast commercial radio identity Murray Peters has passed away.

This tribute to Murray was published on the 2ST Nowra website, and was written by breakfast host Pete Brandtman.


Earlier this week we lost a buddy from the 2ST family. Murray Peters.

Murray took ill last September, he was getting tired all the time and didn’t know why.

So it was off to the doctor for a check up and it wasn’t good news.

The doctor advised Murray to leave work and concentrate on getting better, sadly he lost his fight with cancer early Thursday morning.

Murray was a one off, he loved to chat, so radio was a great career choice.

He loved taking on the local politicians, like Jo Gash, Gareth Ward and Greg Watson. He gave it to them and they gave it back, ending with a kind “thanks for being on the show this morning”

Prior to coming to 2ST, he worked at radio stations in Griffith and Inverell. Before the radio career started he was a taxi driver for a while in Sydney. He often told some great yarns of who he picked up in the cab, Michael Hutchence, Kylie Minogue, Barry Humphries and lots more.

He loved his wife Rosemary, adored his three boys, Alexander, Laurence and Harry.

They were all good sportsmen. He couldn’t wait to come in on a Monday morning, to tell all the staff how the boys went on the weekend.

Always up for a chat was our man Muz, or as we called often called him “Musty” .

He didn’t follow rugby league but he always asked me “How did Souths go on the weekend PB?”

He often told jokes that no one got, he’d reach the punch line or “Muz Tag” as he would call them, and burst out laughing.

He loved Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull.  Anything rock, Murray loved it.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Murray was part of our lives and he was probably part of yours too.

His funeral will be held next week.

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