Vale Paul Ricketts

Voice over artist Paul Ricketts passed away last month in Sydney.
Paul was well known as an imaging voice for many stations, including 2CH in the ‘Good Music’ era of the 1970s.
He was also the corporate voice for Air New Zealand and more recently Foxtel’s History Channel, and many other outlets.
On air he was known as Scott Newman when he was on the “Brighter 2UE” and was represented by RMK Voices.
Colleagues have paid tribute to Paul on social media. 

Bruce Ferrier:
There have been some truly great ‘straight’ voice-over men, and then there was Ricketts, the classiest act of all: truly THE Maestro. His voice will resonate in my ears for all eternity. With the most beautiful timbre in his voice, his empathetic reads were mind-blowers. Farewell Paul, and thank-you!
Wayne Mac:
Sorry to hear about the death of Paul Ricketts. To repeat others above he really was the maestro; the go-to talent when your spot needed that special touch of class.

I was fortunate to have him do two sessions for 2CC in the mid ’80s. One was for news. Even though we were a leading under 40s music station shoring up our ‘services’ position was part of the plan. In those days we had news on the hour EVERY hour, locally and ex 2UE. We pinched the Seven National News wording: the best news you’ll get all day. Sean Pickwell was one of our young jocks who suggested Paul for the job.

In 1985 I booked Paul for a ‘corporate session’ for 2CC and on behalf of 2CA. It was a straight, promotional spot telling listeners about our change to AM Stereo. Can’t recall all the wording, but the intro went something like: change is coming to Canberra radio. Soon, 2CC will commence broadcasting in stereo…AM Stereo.

Bill Dowling engineered the session at Top Spots and I recall how accomodating Paul was. Such an easy manner. He bought a few sandwiches in for his lunch and offered me one as we nutted out the read. As he began the take I felt I was in the presence of V/O royalty.
Tim Webster:
One of the greatest voices in the history of our business!
Chris Joscelyne:
Paul Ricketts (also known as Scott Newman) will be remembered as the magnificent voice for 2CH Good Music image IDs from 1973. A true professional.
Phil Lentz:
Best voice over person I’ve ever worked with.
Peter Butler:
I remember well his ads for Walton’s Car Insurance. Beautiful voice

RIP Paul.

A memorial service for Paul will be held at 3.30 PM, on Friday (11th) at the Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens & Crematorium, 99 Delhi Rd, North Ryde.


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