Vale sports broadcaster Ian Major

Radio sport broadcasting legend Ian Major passed away last week in Melbourne from Cancer. Her was 66 years old.

Major began his commentary career at 3XY in 1966, but spent most of his career at 3KZ, where he called VFL, AFL and other sports between 1970 and 1991. He was also a regular Olympics and Commonwealth Games commentator during those years.

He was best known for his on air partnership with Jack ‘Captain Blood’ Dyer, creating the calling team ‘The Captain and the Major.’ The duo won many Pater Awards and Rawards from the radio industry.

During his 21 years with 3KZ, Ian Major held the roles of sporting director, manager, programme manager and assistant news editor.

After 3KZ dropped football in 1991 Ian Major worked for stations including the short- lived 3EE The Breeze, then Magic 693, 3UZ, 3LO and more recently SEN.

Major was diagnosed with non-Hodgkinson’s lymphoma several years ago, but was in remission. The father of three was married to Pam and had five grandchildren. He died suddenly after being admitted to hospital. His funeral was held in Melbourne this week.

Rival broadcaster Tim Lane paid tribute to Major, telling Faixfax Media: “He was a terrific bloke, a great broadcaster and provided a perfect foil for Jack Dyer’s verbal eccentricities.”

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