On the verge of something big: Locals take over K-Rock

Breakfast in Geelong

The first few months of a new relationship is known as the I-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you “honeymoon period”, chat to K-Rock’s new breakfast team Buckle and Hunter and all the hallmarks of this giddy phase are there.

They’ve only been together since June 2015 but couldn’t be happier.

“The show is coming along wonderfully,” says Hunter McLeod. “You know when you start a new relationship and you know you have just found “the one”? Well finding an on-air duo is exactly the same.”

“It’s great to come to work with a good mate (brother/sister relationship but not in a weird Tassie way) and make entertaining radio”, adds Josh Buckle a.k.a. Buckle.

Hunter is no stranger to breakfast radio, she has been the female voice of K-ROCK breakfast for the past year but for Buckle this is his first on-air role, landing the gig after 18 months of handing out “icy cold cans of a generic cola and stickers” before he was thrown in the deep end.

“…The next thing I know I am having a HEAP of foundation applied to my pasty white face for a breakfast radio shoot.”

But Hunter is quick to leap to his defence, “He’s a natural and will just keep getting better and better.”

And he’s up for anything.

“Buckle has no shame,” says Hunter. “Almost anything I throw at him he will do.”

This photo was an ode to Kim Kardashian when she sent the Internet into meltdown and “yes, I had to oil him up,” adds Hunter.

So, with any new relationship it’s easy to pick out the things you like about each other but what about the things that drive you a little crazy?

“Buckle is a beer snob,” says Hunter. “It’s craft beer only for him so he really needs to develop a love of Melbourne Bitter or else I am not sure how much further our friendship can go.”

“Hunter has been so many places and met so many HUGE names yet she refuses to talk about it…I think it’s called being humble.”

Buckle and Hunter, both Geelong locals are rapt to be dishing up breakfast radio five times a week to a home crowd.

“ I am really stoked with where the show is headed,” says Buckle “…and we feel we are on the verge of something big.”





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