Veronica & Lewis split

Veronica has decided to break up the successful triple j Drive partnership of Veronica & Lewis.

She says it’s so she can care for her own babies and not Lewis. “It’s the end of an era, my friends. Veronica, Big Ron Dog, Hot Ron, is headed off on maternity leave from Triple J soon, and this time she’s not coming back. Yep, she’s leaving us – and her eldest dependent Lewis – for good, and this is truly the crappiest end to a hell of a week.”

Ron says, the impact Lewis has had on her will be everlasting: “Literally his name is tattooed on me. I’ll never forget him, even if I wanted to.”

Veronica Milsom and Lewis Hobba first met in high school and went on to write and perform sketches for ABC TV’s Hungry Beast.

Lewis Hamilton perhaps?




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