Video amped the radio star: Hit 105 tests new technology

SCA’s HIT105 is piloting state-of-the-art technology to create virtual studios.
Hit105 is the national pilot for SCA network for a state-of-the-art, digitally integrated radio studio for the Breakfast show Abby, Stav & Matt with Osher

The technology being deployed will test case how radio can not only survive in the digital consumption age but thrive.
And it’s all about amping up the radio sounds and stars and bringing the listeners up close and personal!
“The technology is an integrated solution between Virtual Director, PhoneBox SIP and Oasis which provides a single integrated on-air studio system,” said General Manager Damon Reilly
“In short, the system provides completely automated camera switching to all independent camera positions.  This enhanced and automated visual aspect is taken to the next level through enhanced listener interaction and accessibility.  Traditional listener phone calls and screening are enhanced with social media feeds on screen allowing Facebook and Twitter listeners’ greater opportunities to be part of the show.”
He said the automatically edited video and audio can be quickly shared straight after a talk topic is completed via social media or streamed live to Facebook live or Youtube. 
“Features soon to be released will allow listeners to call in via Skype and provide a full visual of the listener conversing with the breakfast team. It’s all about bringing listeners into the studio with the announcers.
“Ensuring the breakfast show are discussing content that is trending for our audiences, integrated Twitter and Facebook feeds will display on producer’s screens to ensure they have contextually relevant information at their fingertips to be fully informed on the topics that matter – this means our teams are talking about what really matters to our listeners at all times.
“Hit105’s new digitally integrated radio studio turns a linear radio show into a TV/radio show with complete listener interaction and social integration.
“It’s the future of radio and we have it first.”



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