Video: Triple M’s Gus Worland Taken down in Three Rounds

Boxer Lauryn Eagle took up the challenge of a fight with The Grill Team’s Gus Worland.

The match took place on Triple M’s rooftop at the World Square studios in Sydney. The pair braved the cold, and Gus was taken out in three rounds.  

This follows Gus’ boxing defeat against Danny Green earlier this year.


Lauryn, describing herself as “the fittest I’ve ever been”, spoke to The Grill Team about her sporting history.


“I used boxing as part of my integration for skiing, when my dad passed away from skiing I gave up skiing out of respect, I wanted a new love or a new passion, I found boxing, I practiced, since then I’ve had five fights and I’ve loved it,” she said.


“I’d love to (water) ski around the world, that’s been one of my dreams, like Jessica Watson sailed I’d love to waterski, I’m studying journalism, I’d love to pursue a sports journalism career, TV presenting.” 


Watch the match here: