WA Premier a romantic or not?

If you’re thinking WA Premier Colin Barnett is all about the red roses as well as the red hair on Valentine’s Day, you’d be sorely mistaken.
For the first time ever, Mr. Barnett brought his better half Lyn Barnett to the Nova 93.7 Breakfast studios for a chat with hosts Nathan, Nat & Shaun.
And we found out they aren’t exactly the most romantic couple going around.
Lyn revealed that not only was she never officially proposed to, but she also purchased her own wedding ring.
“I don’t think we actually did the proposing thing…it was just sort of what do you reckon, oh yeah, ok, good.” said Lyn.
“I bought my own ring, yes….and I didn’t have a budget, I was working then, so I had my own budget.”
It’s fair to say the breakfast team was shocked – particularly Shaun, who for once looked like a very romantic husband in comparison to Colin.
The couple also revealed their Valentines gifts to each other – a fancy tie from Lyn, and a super-romantic, very thoughtful light-up cow key ring from Colin. At least it was cute.
It’s fair to say the Breakfast team weren’t very enamored with the couples’ disinterest in this celebration of love – but as Lyn said, “I think you’ve chosen the least romantic couple for Valentine’s Day”.
She’s pretty right – we think it’s safe to say there’s more romance in the Breakfast studio between Shaun and Nathan than there is with those two.



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