Want to hear your song on the radio?

Tips by Sally Perkins.

Radio stations now take on many forms: there’s the realm of podcasts, the streaming stations found online, the traditional commercial radio, and so on.

With our many devices, like iPods and mobile phones, along with our cars and their built-in radios, we have access to a variety of different broadcasts throughout any given day.

As musicians, it is both a gift and a curse to have so many outlets for promoting music. You want to make sure that you aren’t spreading yourself thin by trying every outlet possible to have your music heard. So what are the best ways to go about getting your songs played by a radio station?

Using the Internet to Your Advantage

Music promotion in the 21st century is unique in that it is incredibly simple to get your music out there by uploading your songs and videos to the Internet. But with so many sites specializing in streaming music, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

The smartest way to go about using the internet to your own advantage in promoting your artistry is to adopt strategies that will expand your fan base. With a large fan base, DJs at radio stations will be more willing to play your songs and may even stumble upon your music on online playlists. Some useful strategies for promotion your music online include:

1.      Set up a website

2.      Start a blog

3.      Utilize social media

4.      Approach other music blogs

5.      Start streaming

6.      Upload videos

7.      Create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

8.      Utilize online advertising

9.      Send direct promotional e-mails

10. Network and collaborate with other artists

By having a large online presence and devoting the time and effort it takes to find success with any of these strategies, you will be more likely to be recognized by radio stations as a musician with songs that are already admired by fans. With this sort of online foundation, it will be easier to lobby for your songs to be played on various broadcasts.

Start with Non-Commercial Stations

Once you have done your part in promoting your music online, you may want to consider seeking out small radio stations to play your music before contacting any top commercial stations. Non-commercial stations, like college radio and community radio stations  are often friendly to newcomers and independent artists.

Some “non-comm” stations are incredibly popular, so don’t view this step in promoting yourself as something that is of much less value than seeking out commercial air-time. Plus, once your songs have been played on a non-comm station, other stations may take notice as you will have some broadcast experience under your belt.

The key to promoting your music and having your songs on the radio is ultimately persistence – Rome, after all, wasn’t built in a day. Keeping at it, doing the most you can to expand your fan base online, and seeking out smaller radio stations in your initial stages will greatly help your chances in becoming a household name on the radio.

*Sally Perkins is a professional freelance writer. 

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