We were right! Brian Carlton’s heading to Triple M, Hobart

Just as radioinfo tipped, Brian ‘Spoonman’ Carlton will host a brand-new breakfast show, Brian Carlton – The Spoonman, beginning on Triple M Hobart next month.
The veteran radio presenter launched onto the national stage as the youngest News Talk host on Sydney’s 2UE in 1990 and rated #1 within a year.
By the late ‘90’s Brian was covering the US Presidential press conferences in Washington DC and hosted the first News Talk show on Australian commercial FM radio as ‘The Spoonman’ on Triple M in 1998.
In 2008 ‘The Spoonman’ was iTunes’ #1 News and Politics podcast, and by 2011 he was nominated for the Brian White Memorial Award for journalistic excellence. Brian was also the first metro FM broadcaster to be nominated for an ACRA for Best Current Affairs Commentator.
In 2015 Brian decided to permanently relocate to, and settle in, Tasmania, since then he has led the Tasmania Talks team to six ACRA wins from 12 nominations.
On his move from Launceston to Hobart, Brian says,  “Name a better job than waking up the greatest city in Australia on Triple M.
“Triple M is my spiritual broadcast home and I’m stoked and privileged to be joining Triple M Hobart for breakfast. If you like your breakfast radio well stirred, I hope you’ll join me in Hobart. I can’t wait!”
SCA’s Tasmania Executive General Manager, Ally Bradley, says, “We are excited to welcome Brian Carlton – the Spoonman to our Hobart team and back to the Triple M family. Brian brings a wealth of experience tackling the biggest issues inside and out of Tasmania.”

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