2Day plays the widest range of music: AirCheck Survey

Over the last four weeks, Nova969 and KIIS1065 had the highest crossover, sharing 26.8% of their playlists according to the latest AirCheck Airplay data, though during this time KIIS played a wider range of tracks while Aussie Tones & I’s ‘Dance Monkey’ was the most played song on the two stations with 392 spins.

2Day V Nova, Triple M V WSFM and WSFM V smoothfm all hovered around a quarter, while only 11.7% of tracks were shared between WSFM and 2Day FM.

Icehouse’s ‘Electric Blue’ was the most played song between WSFM & 2DayFM, receiving 36 spins.

Nova969 played the most music during this time, with a total of 8875 instances, meanwhile 2Day FM aired the widest range of music with 1,381 different songs played.




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