“We’re in the air, on the air!”

Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty took to the skies yesterday aboard their very own private jet to help promote the new Mission Impossible movie, and in the process treat 20 lucky listeners to a 6 mile high broadcast.

The popular drive team climbed aboard their very own (chartered) Fokker 70 along with their listeners to broadcast from 35,000 feet.  During the flight, listeners were wined and dined and also encouraged to share some of their “annoying passenger” stories and take part in “Pilot Karaoke”, trying to do their best pilot impersonation.  Of course, it was judged by the captain.

Even though the flight was not broadcast “live”, the three were definitely keen to try something new, saying “..(we’ve) been dying to get high together, and to do it in business class is even better.”

Check out the video below for a few of the highlights.


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