What does a HOPE 103.2 jock do when he loses a bet?

He sings a Bossa Nova cover of a Rick Astley song, of course.

Breakfast announcer  Aaron Wright, lost the NRL tipping comp co-host Erin La Macchia.  The loser each year has to do something embarrassing or unpleasant (like singing Opera live or holding a snake.)
For the second year running, Aaron’s lost the competition – although this year it was so close – losing by only 1 point. 
The punishment for losing the bet was that Aaron had to perform a pop song in Bossa Nova Style, live on-air during the breakfast shift.
As a result, last Friday Aaron performed ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley, using only the studio microphone and a basic Casio keyboard.  We’re told that listeners loved it.  They even requested more, made song suggestions and requests for a regular music segment.  Many didn’t realise that Aaron had been singing AND playing live until they saw the video. 

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