What happens when a broadcaster retires?

Some, like John Laws, can’t stay away from the microphone and  soon find themselves back on-air on a station, any station close to home. Others suffering the same affliction, but with less of a profile, volunteer at a community station. Many others become consultants. And some, like long-time 3AW mid-dawn presenter, Keith McGowan, (pictured in Katherine NT) actually do what so many retirees wish they could do, pack up the 4WD, throw away the watch and see Australia.

McGowan, who retired almost a year ago, after 54 years in the industry, had seen a fair chunk of Australia already having worked at: 3TR, GLV-10 (Teen Time On Ten), 7BU, 7HO, 6PR, 3TR (again), 2NM, 2KA, 2HD, 2UW, 3MP, 3DB, 3AK and 3AW.

Every now and again he’ll send us one of his stories from the road and the stations he hears, such as this…

“A few days ago I awoke in Dubbo. It was 0645 and I flicked on the radio which was tuned to 2DU. From then till 0900 I heard the kind of provincial broadcasting that I had almost given up hope of ever hearing again. A local radio station unashamedly broadcasting to it’s local community.

“By the time I jumped into the “Blue Ranger” to head North I had learned all I could ever want to know about the goings on in Dubbo.  Weather forecasts and local area projections, Inter School Sport Carnival information, road condition reports, upcoming weekend sport, promotion of a lecture that night about “Climate Change and Local Farming.” There was discussion on Soccer, Rugby League and Basketball with a local identity, fund raising efforts for area charities, Dubbo and regional News,  Funeral announcements and more ! All of this from a broadcaster who sounded like he was an integral part of Dubbo’s community and more than happy to be so.

Congratulations Richard Perno.”