What a shocking first day at work

Imagine your first day on mornings at a major metro station, heart pumping, butterflies in the stomach – you’re praying everything goes well. But nothing does because nothing works. The studio is dead.

This can’t be. What have you done? Did you inadvertently pull out a plug, press the wrong button? Panic sets in.

This is what happened to Greg Burns, this morning. Burns is one of the United Kingdom’s best known and most accomplished broadcasters. For most people those sort of qualifications command respect. Not for Fitzy & Wippa. Those sort of credentials demand a stitch up.

So, when Burns started his first morning shift on Nova 96.9 he found nothing in his studio was working and thought he had taken the station off air. Little did he know, Fitzy & Wippa had arranged an alternate feed to be played to listeners. A true professional, Burns rushed to seek assistance as witnessed by 36 hidden cameras controlled by Fitzy & Wippa.



Fitzy & Wippa said, “It’s the only way to welcome a new team member, create absolute havoc on his first day in. He’s currently on a plane back to the UK. Sorry Greg.”
Greg Burns said, “Thanks to Fitzy & Wippa for my unique welcome to Nova and a nice little pre show adrenaline rush. I look forward to thanking them properly in the coming months!”
Fresh from hosting the Drive show for Capital FM in London, Burns can now be heard on Nova 96.9 from 9am on weekdays.

An award winning comedian, Burns has extensive stand-up and TV experience having appeared on numerous comedy shows on the BBC and ITV including The Office Christmas Special. He has also hosted the Summertime Ball from Wembley Stadium and the Jingle Bell Ball from O2 Arena.
Paul Jackson, NOVA Entertainment’s Group Programme Director said, “We’re delighted to have someone of the calibre of Greg join the Nova team. He’s one of the most outstanding talents in UK radio and I’m sure will be equally successful in Australia.”
Burns can be heard on Nova 96.9 Monday to Fridays from 9am to 1pm.

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