What was he thinking? Intern Pete tells Kyle and Jackie O

He’d like to apologise to Steve Smith.

On this morning’s KIIS106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show, the pair along with Peter Deppeler aka Intern Pete discussed the now infamous incident at the Steve Smith press conference on Friday which earned Deppeler the tag of ‘most hated man in Australia’ from some sections of the media.

In a segment lasting 20 minutes which you can hear below, Deppeler and Jackie agreed that although his intention wasn’t to disrupt what was a sombre and emotional event, the timing of his “light hearted” question was out.

Kyle, however, was having none of it and staunchly defended Pete’s actions insisting he had done nothing wrong. 

He also had a dig at what he described as Ray’s (Hadley) own little shit show” and played audio from 2GB.

Read media reaction to Intern Pete’s question here.

Read Peter Saxon’s comment here.

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