SBS Radio launches multi-channel brand campaign

‘Welcome Home’. 

New SBS Radio marketing campaign “Welcome Home” encourages Australians who speak a language other than English to feel at home wherever they are.
The campaign seeks to raise SBS Radio’s brand awareness and direct people to download the refreshed SBS Radio app.

Listeners will be able to access Australian news and current affairs, music, podcasts and community updates in 68 languages; over 1.3 million people migrated to Australia during the past five years and nearly five million people speak a language other than English at home.

The campaign features SBS employees from the Punjabi, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cantonese and NITV programs. The word ‘home’ features prominently throughout, in languages including Italian, Mandarin, Greek, Hindi, Somali and Samoan.
SBS Chief Content Officer (acting), Mandi Wicks said: “SBS remains the world’s most linguistically diverse public broadcaster. The refreshed SBS Radio app provides audio content on demand and on the go to our listeners in 68 languages.

“Accessible anywhere, at any time on the device of their choice, downloading the free SBS Radio app helps our audiences ‘feel at home’ wherever they are.”
SBS Director of Marketing (acting), Jane Palfreyman, said: “The concept of ‘Welcome home’ signifies SBS’s commitment to providing Australian focused content to multi-generational migrants as well as those having newly arrived in Australia.

“The campaign videos are produced in English and subtitled and produced in seven other languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi and Punjabi.”
The campaign will run across the SBS network (TV, radio, online) during April, supported by off channel digital activity including pre-roll videos, promoted social activity and native content.