What was number 1 on the first episode of AT40? Listen here

When Casey Kasem’s very first American Top 40 went to air on 4th July 1970, the show had just seven subscribers, but quickly became a world-wide phenomenon, including here in Australia.
When Casey officially retired exactly 39 years later to the day in 2009, radioinfo posted a story about AT40’s Australian history to that time.
These days, Grace Gibson is still offering Casey’s original AT40 shows from both The 70s and The 80s with the shows being supplied precisely as they aired originally (shows are selected randomly each week from throughout their respective decades).
Grace Gibson boss Bruce Ferrier, says, “Stations love carrying them as it allows their listeners to relive the hits as they actually happened from their selected decade.” He has kindly given us permission to post both the first and last segments from that very first show.

So, what was number one on the very first edition of AT40? Too busy to listen? You can cheat by looking at the cue sheet below.

2NURfm Newcastle will be broadcasting the entire first AT40 show this Sunday between 12 noon and 3pm.


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