What is your leadership message? #RDE16

Cam Baxter was another Aussie at Radio Days who had some useful insights to share.
Coming up with a great content strategy is useless unless you can communicate it. Leadership coach Baxter led a session which urged radio industry leaders to refine their message to a few key points and clearly communicate them in a way that is easy to remember and repeat.
In the spirit of Baxter’s key message about being clear, short and to the point, here is the key message from his presentation:

  • Package your knowledge


  • Bring your message to life

“The holy grail of communication is a transferral message. Once you have presented your ideas to your team, can they repeat it,” he said.
Other key points include:

  • Once you know what your message it is, it is easy to work out the delivery.


  • Efficient communication is the way to leverage your skills, talent  and experience


  • A great content strategy is useless if you can’t communicate it.


  • Often we think “I’ve told them so they know what I know. They don’t.

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