What’s That Noise wins Grandma $50 grand

It’s the contest that has Melbourne talking and who would have guessed that KIIS101.1‘s $50,000 What’s That Noise was removing an empty toilet roll from a toilet roll holder!

40-year-old Helen from Ballan in Victoria did, and she was certain that was the noise for two weeks before getting on KIIS101.1’s Matt & Meshel breakfast show this morning.
The heart-warming story doesn’t end there with Helen revealing she needs the money desperately for legal costs to fight for custody of her grandchild.


Helen was audibly in shock when she made the correct guess using the clues that the sound was related to recycling, it was round and it was something that you might do almost every day.

After it had sunk in Helen called Shane, her partner of six years, to tell him the news.

“You know how I like the radio stations and Christian and I like entering competitions?”
Then she paused.
“I just won $50,000!”
Shane’s candid response said it all when Matt & Meshel revealed he was live on the air.
“Oh shit, fair dinkum? Sorry, well done! Bloody excellent, unbelievable…Oh shit, sorry… that’s amazing.”
“She’s going through a lot of stuff now with our grandchild and it’s been a big struggle and she really deserves something like this.”
For the last month listeners have been trying to guess the noise with hundreds of random guesses made from putting a coffee pod in the machine to oil spraying egg rings, with the ultimate guess of removing a toilet roll from its holder being correct.
KIIS101.1’s Matt & Meshel has another $50,000 to give away as they play again at 7.10am and 8.10am every morning, and across the day.

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