When the announcers are away, the staff will play

Long after Nova 100’s breakfast duo Meshel and Tommy go home, panelist Kieran and  producer Lize turn the mics back on, hit record and let fly.

This weekend is your first chance to listen to what they have to say.
Their podcast Overtime with Kieran and Lize debuts this Saturday at novafm.com.au and will feature the happy staffers looking back on the week and selecting their favourite bits of Meshel and Tommy’s show, providing insight into what happens behind the scenes (insert evil laughter) and will also feature chats with regular show contributors including  “Blonde Bombshell” News Presenter Matt Smithson and Executive Producer “Nanna” Nick Daly.
Well known to Meshel & Tommy’s listeners, Lize’s dating stories are regular topics of conversation, while affectionately referred to as the “sexy rat on the wheels of steel”, Carlton fanatic Kieran’s quick-thinking button pushing provides the audio backdrop to the show.

The duo are real insiders and are happy to take listener questions via [email protected].
Overtime with Kieran and Lize will debut from 10am this Saturday and can be accessed through Meshel & Tommy’s show page at novafm.com.au

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