When name dropping can save you money

Last week on the 96fm Breakfast show, hosts Carmen and Fitzi accidentally discovered a phenomenon now known as “The Power of the Fitz.”

They’ve learned that if you drop Fitzi’s name around Perth, you get discounts. Absolutely everywhere.

Always humble, Fitzi is flabbergasted and “quite embarrassed” that this is happening as he’s never been able to get anything free for being Fitzi, so why would it work for someone else?

It all started when Fitzi admitted on air that his mate was pulled over for talking on his phone while driving. He was speaking to Fitzi (completely unaware that the friend was driving) at the time. 
The cop asked why the friend was on his mobile, to which he explained that he was helping Fitzi “from the radio” with something. 
The cop smiled, had a good chat about Fitzi, told the friend not to do it again and then let him off with a warning.
Carmen then decided to reach out to their listeners and ask them to drop Fitzi’s name all over Perth to see what discounts they could get.
One listener reported back that he went into Maccas and got a free upgrade on his meal when he dropped Fitzi’s name.
Another wanted to get her grandson a couple of ‘hot laps’ as a birthday present. Upon mentioning her “friend” Fitzi was a racing car driver, the sales person gave her a $15 discount. 
A third listener even admitted her husband brought up his “mate” Fitzi’s name in the bedroom when she was tired and just wanted to sleep, yet somehow it worked on seducing her.
Discount coffees and accommodation were also offered after dropping Fitzi’s name, amongst countless others.
The breakfast team are becoming more and more surprised at “The Power of the Fitz” and are keen to see how far it can go in Perth. So they created a discount card and invited businesses all across Perth to call in and offer discounts and benefits for anyone who shows the card or mentions Fitzi’s name.

The response from local businesses has been overwhelming.


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