When networking goes wrong

Continuing our series on the pitfalls of technical errors, a radioinfo reader has sent us an example of where networking can go wrong.

Most networks these days have a complex computer based system of switching feeds from various studios to their network outputs.

One of the most complex switching configurations must be within SCA’s control room, which re-routes programs from various state capitals to dozens of network stations.

Mix minus feeds, direct and networked studio feeds, recording and broadcast channel selectors all need to be in alignment across the whole network, otherwise things like this can happen. Listen to both examples below.


The Luke Bradnam, Dobbo and Libby Tricket show comes out of Triple M Brisbane between 3pm and 6pm Monday to Friday. It is networked to Gold FM on the Gold Coast.

The audio above is what was aired on Triple M, and what went to air on Gold.

In the studio or control room they presumably realised there was an issue with some unedited audio going to air so they killed the audio at Triple M, you can hear it fade down as they go to a song. But on Gold there may have been a clean feed coming down the line as well as the air feed. Presumably there was no local panel op, and the unedited audio went to air – resulting in one of the hosts dropping about 4 instances of the F word over the music, along with the classic line “I f***ing hate that rude prick.”

Lesson for station techs: Check the configuration of your channel A and B outputs all the way along the network feed chain.

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