When will Dene Broadbelt get the help he so desperately needs?

Ever since March 2010 we’ve been reporting on the adventures of Dene Broadbelt (pictured) who was at that time running an internet station, Ridge FM, which eventually folded in troubled circumstances.

Then in April last year Dene hit the big time as program manager of Golburn’s Eagle FM in NSW where he put on a rock concert but forgot to pay for some of the services that he contracted.  Ex-colleagues were already fearing for his mental health. 

In March this year, our mate Dene, now calling himself Dene Mussillon travelled to Darwin to to see if he could promise the good folk in the top end a concert but once again left nothing but a string of unpaid bills.

Then, just six weeks ago, we reported that Dene had launched his latest forray into the (sham) concert promotion business calling his new organisation Paramount Agency & Touring. 

Yet, despite our warnings and ongiong police and ATO investigations, Dene’s still out there. This time theMusic.com.au has caught up with him, publishing this article today.

If Dene, or Harry, as he is reported to also be using as a handle, is looking to build a career as a conman he needs to lift his game because it’s obviously not working for him. 

Better still he needs to find some help to put his considerable energies towards something more legit – right after he apologises to all those he’s allegedly deceived. See details of our own radioinfo investigations into the former radio announcer’s latest scam here.


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